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The Archers At The Larches Ltd is a young company, founded in 2014, nurtured as a start-up by Richard Branson's Virgin Group. In these testing times, we thought we'd like to support a new business too and so, having received one of these treasure boxes as a gift, we have donated some space on our website, to this wonderful sustainable book subscription business called The Never Ending Chapter. The owner Hester, packages joy in a box, for you or your giftee..... read on and consider supporting this lovely business ......  Lou xx

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The Never Ending Chapter

Hester is in love with books. It’s her hobby, her passion and now her business.
"In a society of 'Netflix and Chill' I think we need to show the written word some more love. No plug-ins, just some good old fashioned print on paper. Can’t beat turning the page, especially the last one.

We are all guilty of binge watching TV, but don’t you miss your Mr Darcy, Hermione Granger, Arya Stark, (just to name a few) the way you imagined them? Bring your own characters to life and fall in love with reading with The Never Ending Chapter, be it again or for the first time.

Each Subscription Book Box will be different to the next, but just as fabulous. All the books are pre-loved (cleaned and cared for). They have been places and my intentions are that they will continue their journey. In each box you will find your selected beverages, to enjoy while you relax and sink into a book from the genre of your choice. Plus, of course, a dippy biscuit. There will be more treats inside your box too, little surprises to delight you.

Let’s all try and get into unplugged, sustainable reading. Time for ourselves or for a friend or relative who needs a slow treat.

Reading is to be enjoyed, a form of relaxation that is so much needed in the fast paced lives we lead today. Make time. Read. Learn. Love.

In the ever changing world with our fight against climate change I, like many others am striving to use the most responsibly sourced products. This includes eco friendly or recycled packaging and organically sourced ingredients. As the world evolves and as more sustainable products and ingredients become available I will try my hardest to evolve with it. I will also aim to support as many small businesses as I can and buy British.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you. 
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Thank you. Hester."

[*Please note, if you are purchasing more than one subscription to be sent as gifts, please enter them as separate orders and pay separately, so that we can capture your giftees' addresses correctly. Many thanks.]