Alpaca Bedding - Care & Comfort

During the night your body’s temperature fluctuates from hot to cold. This is often unsettling and can cause an uncomfortable night with disturbed sleep. Alpaca fleece is made up of hollow fibres that allow water molecules to move freely. It is this that keeps an alpaca cool on the altiplano during day temperatures of 30° and warm at night in temperatures of 0°. Similarly it will regulate you and your partner’s body temperatures, depending on need, during the night and helps to promote better sleep. 

Product Care

Like most duvets and pillows, alpaca duvets and pillows may be dry cleaned with a specialist if they are excessively used, however, on a fine day why not air your duvets and pillows in the sun. It may be an old fashioned idea but you'll notice the difference when they've been 'refreshed' in this way.

If you aren't enjoying your sleep, I suggest you consider the benefits of our Alpaca bedding.

• 100% alpaca wool filling for perfect temperature control
• This alpaca wool duvet is VegSoc approved
• Unique stitching allows greater airflow
• Chemical free and completely natural
• Alpaca wool fibre is naturally anti-allergenic
• All season bedding suitable for use all year round
• Due to the natural nature of our bedding, it is dry clean only