Autumn Planting: Spring Flowering Bulbs

The babes have gone back to school and though we briefly had an Indian Summer, the Autumn seems to be upon us more each day.

I love Autumn. It's a time to plan for next year's garden. A time to harvest, to freeze the rapberries, make jam, make damson gin!!

At this time of year I plant lots and lots of Spring flowering bulbs in pots. I plant lasagne-style with layers of daffodils, tulips, crocus, allium and on each layer I add a small amount of Lou's Poo, Dried Alpaca Fertiliser Beans, which acts as a slow release fertiliser until late spring/early summer. You'll be amazed at the difference this makes to flowering and the colour of the flowers too; the daffs yellow is so intense it looks like the yolks of my gorgeous free-range eggs.

Try it or buy it for a gardening pal. X