Batsford Arboretum; now selling Lou's Poo, Dried Alpaca Fertilizer 400g

Have you visited Batsford Arboretum in the Cotswolds? It is gorgeous and it has an incredible history; the Mitford sisters lived there during WW1. You can now buy Lou's Poo, Dried Alpaca Fertilizer 400g in the splendid gift and plant shop on the site (after visiting the arboretum of course!) 

The 56 acre arboretum at Batsford is home to one of the largest private tree collections in the country, providing something of interest throughout the year and famed for trees which originate in Japan and China. 

The collection includes a number of Red Data species which are extinct in the wild and several UK champion trees, famed for their size.

The arboretum is managed by the Batsford Foundation, a charity set up by the 2nd Lord Dulverton in 1983 to promote education, conservation and research into gardens, arboreta and historic landscapes.

A fascinating past

The arboretum has a fascinating history, much of which is reflected in the planting and design you see today.  For more information about who did what when, please click here.

An exciting future

As with all natural environments, Batsford Arboretum is a work in progress, just on a much bigger scale than most!  It will always be protected by the Batsford Foundation but it may also be developed in a sympathetic way, completely in keeping with our charitable remit but making it an even more interesting, informative and special place to visit. Come visit.