Mini Grow Bag. 100% Peat Free

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Mini Grow Bag. Essential for spring or autumn growing: Mini Grow Bags. 100% Peat Free. Also use it to save tender plants from the garden in autumn. Use in conjunction with Lou's Poo, Dried Alpaca Fertiliser for added nutrition. 

The size of these gorgeous grow bags makes them ideal for patios, balconies and kitchen counter tops. The average traditional grow bag has a height of 5-10cm, whereas the See It Gro Mini Grow Bags have a height of 22 cm, maximizing the room for root growth. Strong healthy roots will mean that the plant will thrive and produce more fruit or veg.

A See It Gro Mini Grow Bag is about the size of a box of milk tray chocolates; measuring only 18x18x5cm before hydration and 18x18x22cm when fully hydrated.

Use it to save tender plants from the garden in Autumn, transplanting these tenders into indoor plants for a season or raise seedlings in them in autumn or spring. 

Mini Grow Bag. The Archers at The Larches Homes and Garden Products, naturally. Gifts for your homes from our Shropshire smallholding.