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Organic Alpaca Bedding - Luxurious Duvet

Luxury Alpaca Bedding. Pillows, Duvets, Mattress Toppers. Hypoallergenic bedding wit...

Details £125.00

Duvet: Alpaca Luxurious Duvet

Sleep soundly in our luxurious, hypoallergenic alpaca bedding. British made Alpaca p...

Details £80.00

Pillow: Alpaca Luxurious Pillow

A range of luxuriously soft alpaca pillows, which are all lovingly handmade for us i...

Details £49.00

AlpacGrow, Lou's Poo Plant Feed Concentrate

100% natural, AlpacGrow will feed your indoor and outdoor plants and nourish your so...

Details £5.00

Mini Grow Bag. 100% Peat Free

Mini Grow Bag. Essential for spring or autumn growing: Mini Grow Bags. 100% Peat Fre...

Details £4.99