• French Lavender 2ltr
  • French Lavender 2ltr
  • French Lavender 2ltr

French Lavender 2ltr


French Lavender: An essential garden plant from The Archers at The Larches. When planting we suggest adding plenty of gravel around the roots of this plant to ensure it is happy even if the weather is cold and wet.

Ideally this plant is best grown in a warm position, sheltered from cold winds and frost. It is not fully hardy, but survives well in a sunny corner or against a warm wall, and makes an excellent container plant that can be brought under cover in winter. I have found that it will tolerate most positions provided you add plenty of gravel or grit to the planting hole ensuring roots are never left long in cold wet soil.

It is a favourite both for its intense fragrance and also the short dense flower spikes topped with a flourish of strong violet bracts, rather like rabbit ears. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it its Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

These plants are available in 2 litre pots and can be planted out from spring till autumn.

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